Meet the team

Faisal Saigol

CEO/CFO. Co-Founder

Cambridge (undergrad) and Harvard Business School (grad). Worked at Goldman Sachs and Bain. A serial entrepreneur who has hundreds of millions of dollars of prime London property expertise (complex budgets/ teams/ investment). SaigolED aims to transform education, so making a difference to kids’ lives around the world.

Melanie Grace

Marketing Director and Co-Founder

Melanie led the Digital Marketing team for the entrepreneurial launch of a new Soccer League in Pakistan (Global Soccer Ventures) securing endorsements from Itel and Nokia. She was Marketing Director of an EdTech company and has led innovative branding campaigns for clients incl. NetJets and Damac.

Dr Fernando Loizides


Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University. Deep entrepreneurial tech expertise working with Google, Microsoft and Nokia commercialising new award-winning tech products. He has trained 1000s of students and has helped grow many SMEs from pre-revenue to profit.

Richard Watkins

Head of Production

Richard founded and has run for 14 years an award-winning production company (Imaginar). In charge of 200+ professionals and delivered unique digital content across every media format for clients such as Nike, Coca Cola, Cadbury and Sony.

Jonathan Hall


Senior Management at Education First (EF). Extensive experience in online tutoring and product design/go-to-market across multiple geographies. EF is a large, privately-held, international education company that has c.50,000 employees in over 100 countries.