We want you to join us and make history as we aim to transform the multi-billion pound education market and dramatically improve the education of millions of schoolchildren. 

Technology is revolutionising education worldwide creating EdTech companies overseas that are worth billions of pounds.


  • Why should expensive private schools and tutors dominate? These 2 sectors make up a £10BNpa UK industry that is unaffordable for the vast majority.

  • Why should Covid have left millions of schoolchildren struggling with the uninspiring teaching that is currently online?

  • And finally, why shouldn’t this country unlock the full talents of millions of schoolchildren?

Our Offering:


SaigolEd aims to solve all these problems. We aim to bring for the first time in history the very best teaching in the UK to all schoolchildren irrespective of background at affordable prices.

  • Our app will combine immersive videos with star teachers from the UK’s leading schools

  • Rich special effects that electrify learning using cutting-edge technology

  • AI to individualise learning so each child’s potential can be maximised

  • Exceptional tests and practice questions

  • Will cover the full UK curriculum

  • Will be available wherever and whenever users wish to access it

Amid the global coronavirus pandemic, record amounts of investment have flowed into the digital education market, with forecasts suggesting the sector will near double in value to $325bn by 2025. – Forbes

We have embedded 360 degree user group testing to ensure our product is market-beating.

We have built the bluest-chip of teams with over 100 years of combined leadership experience in all the areas we need.


Multi-billion EdTech companies are transforming the education market yet the UK has no dominant player.

  • SaigolEd aims to build a £1BN company.

  • Best national curriculum teaching finally affordable to all schoolchildren.

  • Built a highly experienced team for the >£10BN pa target market

  • Best-in-class teaching, special effects and testing

  • Deep AI/Machine Learning expertise

Our Target Valuation In Time

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