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It is very difficult to judge at home how much you should get involved with your teen’s education. Do they need a lot of support or a little? It all depends on your teen and how much they can manage. Although we can’t watch our teens 24/7, we can create some habits that will enable them to focus more easily.


Here are our top tips:

Create a schedule

Whilst working at home things can become so blurred, the days seem to start and end so quickly. A schedule or calendar can help your teen stay on track. A few tools that you can use:

– Purchase a wall calendar from Amazon

– Google Calendar

– Create a weekly timetable in their notebook

It is always best to listen and understand your teen, this way you can set a weekly goal that focuses on their weakest area of study. You have to remember they are used to the school routine, so by ensuring they have a similar plan and a similar lunchtime, they will not feel too lost!


Try not to constantly check on their GCSE work

Distance learning can be a challenge and it may be hard to trust your teen. It is important to try and avoid this urge and let your teen get on with their GCSE work. Having conversations at the end of the day or at lunchtime is a great way to understand informally how they are progressing and if you need to provide extra help or not.


Ensure you are a great role model

When we are at work it is only natural that you are on your best behaviour, with your teen around it is vital that you set a good example. If you are working, make sure you are at a table or desk and not scrolling through your phone on social media until work has been complete. Things can also get quite intense inside so maybe try and go for a walk or do some exercise with your teen to stay motivated.


Stay connected with school friends

Everyone is missing their friends currently, especially teenagers! It is not healthy for them to spend lots of time on their phone. Encourage your teen to arrange a zoom call with their friends at the end of the week or play against their friends on virtual games, they must stay connected.


What does your Teen enjoy most?

By focusing on your teen’s talent, you can help them grow. Whether this is playing the piano, sports, or science. Take this time at home to truly understand your teen and help them grow in an area that they enjoy. You may even hold at-home after-school activities to develop this further.

Key takeaways

  • Create a schedule that works best for your teen.
  • Provide your teen with space and trust.
  • Make sure you are focused and exercise regularly, demonstrating that you are a good role model at work.
  • Ensure they make the effort to stay connected with their friends.
  • Be sure to take this time to connect with your teen and understand what they love to do.

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