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How It Works

Classroom supervisor

Classroom supervisor already on your payroll (at no extra cost to you) attends our online class.

Classroom fit

Choose exactly the right teacher for the class needed. Now you can have teachers who are experts in each specific class needed.


As part of our commitment to academic excellence, we offer pre and post assessments for each class, allowing you to evaluate student progress effectively.

Recorded classes

These provide you with valuable insights for monitoring, continuous improvement and safeguarding.


We use your technology so there is no need for you to make any £ investment at all. Our technology platform is designed to ensure seamless teacher placements, streamlining the process for schools. We utilize all platforms incl. Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams to provide interactive online classes.

Dedicated support

We are highly responsive, addressing any concerns or queries promptly. Furthermore, our experts monitor classes and provide valuable feedback to teachers so fostering continuous improvement.