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There is a lot of pressure to ensure that your child achieves high GCSE marks.
It can be frustrating that the average tutor cost is £35 an hour for GCSE children and that every year college places become more and more competitive.

You do not need to worry as there are so many different affordable tools available that your teen can use to reach their full potential.

Why parents turn to tutors to prepare their child for GCSE’s:

  • To ensure your child improves on a
  • specific subject
  • Peer pressure
  • To consistently learn over the holiday and during Covid19
  • In preparation for exams

The proportion of children that secure a place in grammar school useing a tutor is around 6 in 10. Children who attend public school often have tuition also alongside regular school.

Tutoring is great in many ways. It offers your child the ability to work at their own pace, choose specific topics and meet someone that they can work well with. However, the expenses can be a challenge and your child will have less time to take part in activities that they enjoy.

Other affordable options
Online resources are a great tool that you can use to support your child and they are far more cost-effective. Here are our top

YouTube – YouTube provides you with access to billions of videos but not all of this content is relevant. Make sure you use a trusted source or follow a certain teacher on YouTube to make sure the content is up-to-date and relevant. Cost: Free

Practice Exams – Exam practice is very important for GCSEs. This will enable students to practice important subjects and receive detailed feedback, you can purchase previous papers here – Cost: £20

GCSE Revision Guides – CGP provides a number of revision books that are a fantastic tool for you to use at home. Cost: £2 – £10

Flashcards – Depending on how your child learns best you may want to visit Brainscape and access hundreds of flashcards. Cost: Free

SaigolEd – The SaigolEd app will offer your child complete support whilst studying for their GCSEs. By combining immersive videos, star teachers and in-depth practice tests, we will ensure you achieve your best grade at an affordable price.

Key takeaways

Exam preparation is key
Whilst tutoring can ensure your child receives additional support, it is costly. Make sure you try a mix of different online resources and see what works best for your child.

To understand better how your child learns, view this article.

This will allow you to search for cost-effective solutions that focus on your child’s strengths. If you would like a full solution to your problem, please register for the SaigolEd App. The SaigolEd app provides immersive videos, access to the best teachers, and practice tests. Please register here.

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