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Preparing for your GCSE exam is so important and leaving revision until the last minute is a bad idea. Here are some of our best revision tips so you can develop a healthy relationship with revision:

1. Use timelines for history

A great way to remember dates is by creating a timeline. This is a fantastic tool that enables you to breakdown key-dates in history whilst revising the order.

2. Mind maps

A brilliant way to break down your revision is by using mind maps. Ensure you use lots of colours and make it eye-catching.

3. Used coloured tabs to highlight important topics

There is nothing more annoying than finding an excellent piece of information but not being able to remember where it was. Whilst you are revising, make sure you tab the most important pages.

4. Mocks take away the fear and give you a reality check

Mocks can be daunting, but this is only because you have not practised. Try to complete 2/3 mocks and you will feel far more confident by the time the real exam begins.

5. Remove distractions

Make sure your revision space is nice and clean and there is no TV in the background. You must remove distractions from day one and focus.

6. Revise with your friends

Everyone has missed their friends during COVID19. By creating a Facebook group or hosting a revision zoom party with your friends, you can start to feel more connected again and have fun.

7. Reward yourself

Revising 24/7 is impossible, you must get the most out of every revision session. By breaking your revision down into 30/40 minutes sessions you can then reward yourself with 5 minutes on social media or a film on Netflix that evening.

8. Download apps that lock your phone

It is extremely hard to revise when your phone keeps lighting up. You can do the following to solve this problem:

  • Give your phone to your parents
  • Put your phone in another room
  • Download Forest or Break Free from the iOS or Android store


9. Keep your extra-curricular activities

If you are disciplined it may be worth keeping your extra-curricular activities. It can be challenging just revising all day so if you create a strict schedule and reward yourself with an activity, you will have something to look forward to.

10. Bonus Tip For Parents

Parents, we all know things can be very busy at work but here are a few things that you can do to support your son/daughter:

  • Ask if they need help with a specific topic or complete a quiz with them
  • Take them a drink sometimes so they don’t have to keep coming downstairs
  • Let them know that you believe in them, your support means the world
  • Go easy on the chores when their exam is close by, extra pressure is not good


Key takeaways

  • Create a schedule that works best for your teen.
  • Provide your teen with space and trust.
  • Make sure you are focused and exercise regularly, demonstrating that you are a good role model at work.
  • Ensure they make the effort to stay connected with their friends.
  • Be sure to take this time to connect with your teen and understand what they love to do.

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