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Transforming kids’ lives around the world.

SaigolEd is an EdTech company that will unlock new horizons by providing the best education for all. Our Education platforms are coming soon! Founded by Faisal Saigol and Melanie Grace.

Why should you have to pay for expensive private schools and tutors?

Why should you or your child be left behind?

Star teachers that you can access 24/7

Immersive videos and personalised content

Unlimited exam-focused content 

Covering the full curriculum

Study anytime, anywhere

Product Features

Every exam board curriculum covered in full

Expert homework support provided ensuring you receive support every step of the way

Personalised content that is focuses on your weaknesses, enabling you to ace your exams

Each subject divided into easily accessible video modules

Charismatic and experienced teachers from leading schools

Exceptional practice tests and quizzes to prepare you for exam success

Faisal Saigol

CEO/CFO. Co-Founder

Faisal Saigol is a serial entrepreneur who has hundreds of millions of dollars of prime London property expertise (complex budgets/ teams/ investment). Faisal Saigol is a Co-Founder of SaigolED EdTech company that aims to transform education, so making a difference to kids’ lives around the world. Faisal Saigol born in the UK, previously worked at Goldman Sachs and Bain. Studied at Cambridge University (undergrad) and Harvard Business School (grad).

Melanie Grace

Marketing Director and Co-Founder

Melanie led the Digital Marketing team for the entrepreneurial launch of a new Soccer League in Pakistan (Global Soccer Ventures) securing endorsements from Itel and Nokia. She was Marketing Director of an EdTech company and has led innovative branding campaigns for clients incl. NetJets and Damac.